CC Automatable Transposer / Scaler v1.5

This script allows to transpose and optionally apply scaling to all incomming midi notes of all channels using three automatable CCs or the GUI elements.

The script handles the hanging-notes problems that would occur when changing transposition or scale while notes are held.

* The CCs are only received on the channel specified in the GUI
* The tranposition CC is centered at value 64 (no transpose)
* The scale CC takes a range from 0 to 24, This range is repeated from 25-49, 50-74 etc
* The root CC takes a range from 0 to 11. This range is repeated from 12 to 23, 24 to 35 etc

* Incomming CCs update the knob positions and labels.

* All midi events except the three controll CCs are routed through the script

* All midi events keep their channel information

* All settings are state-saved.

Developped upon request of @annahahn

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  • Category: Utility
  • Revision: 1.5
  • License: Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0
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  • Modified: 2 years ago
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8 comments on “CC Automatable Transposer / Scaler v1.5
  • -ki on said:

    Updated to v1.1
    – Refined double note-on/off and hanging-notes handling

  • Acoustiman on said:

    Hi -ki,
    Very useful script but it looks like the scale and root option doesn’t work in this version. This can be easily dissolved by adding ScaleQuantize on the noteOut variable and SetRootNote on the root variable.😀

  • Acoustiman on said:

    Thx -ki! This script has a rock-solid note-on/note-off handling . IMHO the best compared with the handling in other scripts I tested. No hanging or stuck notes at all👍🏻

  • -ki on said:

    Updated to v1.2
    – Fixed scale quantization

    @Acoustiman: I found the bug while playing around with it and now saw your comment when i added the update notice.
    Patchstorage didn’t message me that you added a comment, i will need to check my settings.

    You can also reach me on the Patchstorage Dischord

  • -ki on said:

    Updated to v1.5
    – Bugfix: CC automation for scale and root did not work
    – Bugfix: CC channel selection did not work
    – Change: Removed ‘Chromatic’ scaling since this was equal to ‘no scale quantisation’

  • juliusa on said:

    Love this!

  • juliusa on said:

    Would be great if the touchpad could be mapped to transpose and scale type (or root) for melodic experimentations.
    Also… is there a way of reducing the range of the transpose knob? Plus/ minus 64 is pretty extreme and makes it tricky to hit a desired transpose (eg +7). Is this something that can easily be adjusted in the code?
    I switched to this instead of Rozeta Scaler as I was getting stuck notes. Sorted! Thanks!

  • juliusa on said:

    And finally…..
    Those 4 pads are sitting there with nothing to do!
    Could they be used to “store” a configuration of transpose and scale/ root. Handy for instant recall!
    If nothing else one could be used for “reset” all parameters?

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