This is a note-triggered ADSR envelope for sending MIDI CC values. It can be useful for synths with limited envelopes, triggering volume swells, controlled ducking, etc.
Set the time for the attack, decay, sustain, and release stages of the envelope. Set the level for the attack and sustain stages. Then send any note to the plugin. CC values will be output following the envelope’s shape.

If the note is held down, the envelope will stay in the sustain stage until it is released. Retriggering a note before the end of the envelope will interrupt the envelope and restart from the beginning.

You can also enable velocity sensitivity, which scales the envelope according to the velocity of the note received. To increase the maximum stage length, edit the “default_maxtime” parameter at the top of the script.

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4 comments on “MIDI ADSR
  • GtrGeorge on said:

    This is just great; I’ve been wishing for something like this for awhile for one of the purposes you suggested, triggering volume swells; it works beautifully. I’ve been trying to use the ENV effect included with iVCS3, and it works, but it is somewhat unpredictable as far as setting the times.

    Could there be longer times for the A D S & R? Maybe 10 or 15 seconds max?

    Thanks for providing a great addition to the Mozaic library.

  • wim-number37 on said:

    GtrGeorge, thanks. I’m glad it’s useful for you. I just uploaded a quick release that allows you to increase the maximum times pretty easily by editing the “default_maxtime” variable at the top of the script. It sets the maximum time in measures. Just set that up higher until you get the right balance of length and knob accuracy. 5 measures at 120bpm is 10seconds.

    I’m working on a much more powerful and flexible envelope generator that will be ready at some point. That one will have an adjustment for length without having to edit the script. It’ll also have the choice of sync to host tempo or freeform.

  • GtrGeorge on said:

    Thanks! I’ll play around with editing the script, but I’m looking forward to your next version.

  • tzee on said:

    Hi wim
    a great tool – thank you for that !
    Please consider to add a knob to adjust the startlevel in the next version.
    The knob would work as an amount control for my workflow.
    This would also add the possibility to invert the envelope (startlevel 127, Vel-levels 0)
    Thanks again.
    Best, Christof

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