Microtonal Maker

Microtonal Maker allows users to play microtonal scales using multiple instances of any AUv3 synth, by sending note and pitch bend messages to a rotation of channel outputs.

-Tune any synth to fit your favorite microtonal scales.
-Output your scale’s preset data as text, save up to 35 presets, share them with friends and family.
-Add random amounts of detuning.
-Select pads to edit using MIDI notes.
-Change the way octaves are numbered to match your DAW.

This version doesn’t include any presets. Share your presets in the comments, and I’ll include them in a future version of this script.

Detailed instructions can be found in the script, at the top of the code. The channel rotation component can also be downloaded as a standalone script, called Poly It Up. Search for it here on PatchStorage.

Thanks for checking out my script!

Also, thanks to _ki for helping to optimize the channel rotation functionality.

v. 1.1 adds an “Octave Display” knob to change the octave numbering, and adds state saving capabilities to the Random knobs.

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    You're welcome to use my script for anything. Please credit me.
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