MicroBrute Sub and 5th Ratios 2023_09_18

This version of the MicroBrute patch uses one knob to produce ratios between the Sub and 5th oscillators section. When the CV produced by the attenuverter modules is between 1V and 9V (exclusive), the ratios produced between the two add up to 10V in a linear way. When the CV produced is below 1V (inclusive) or above 9V (inclusive), it assigns the CV’s as 1V and 9V to the Sub and 5th. When the knob is towards the Sub, 9V is assigned to the Sub and 1V to the 5th. On the other side, it works in a similar fashion, CV’s reversed from above.

Admittedly, there can probably be some trimming of modules. However, it makes things much easier to see working when the values are seen directly. I used a fair amount of text modules to help out in this new section. It becomes very convoluted without the descriptions.

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