Is not a beatmaker who just want… I’m really not used to this exercise, so this challenge was a great one for me. Sure that stilI have a lot to learn about “beatmaking”.
The Challenge (Thanks @Ablaut) had, in my understanding, two distinguished parts:
First, we had to chose one drum module to make a patch with. My choice went to the new META (Via collection by Starling All the voices come out of three instances of this guy. Those guys are really awesome.
Second: We had to build something rhythmic with odd meters and/or polyrhythmic.
I used maby not the best sequencer but I wanted to go deeper in the Immpromptu’s gate sequencer. I let some place for Euclide in this patch usingThe GATESEQ also from Starling…so deep module as well.
More description about the process in the video.

300 PM
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