Memphis Bloom

Insert mode, Stereo.

This PROGRAM includes a TricheraChorus PRESET utilizing the Envelope mode. The softer your signal/touch is the more the Chorus effect is heard from the onset of your playing. If you dig in a little, the Chorus effect will not be heard and will wait to come in or “bloom”. Eventide just corrected this Envelope feature with the most recent update to the H90. Combined with a Bouquet Delay PRESET in Series and it results in a nice Stereo spread.

The Swirl feature in TriceraChorus employs Stereo Phase Shifters and should not be overlooked when using this Algo or this PROGRAM!

This PROGRAM has a variety of Modulation settings that are easily accessible. It has a (1) Envelope Chorus for the base program state. HotSwitch 1 settings turn OFF the Envelope for a more (2) traditional Chorus. Then I programmed the HotSwitch 1 where the user can hit the HotSwitch 1 Chorus setting AND the Swirl feature at the same time for (3) Flanger-y effects. The Swirl feature adds a different flavor when the base program Envelope Chorus settings are on too. Be one with the Swirl.

Programming notes:

Envelope controlled ENVY SWIRL PRESET. Softer touch/signal=more Chorus + Stereo Delay from BOUQUET BLOOM PRESET.

Exp. control of Delay Mix. Tap Tempo enabled.

(L) control of Swirl & (M) control of Self Osc. for the Bouquet Delay.

HS1: Envelope OFF & many params. changed for ENVY SWIRL ***add the Swirl feature for a Flanger-y sound here***; HS2: Same ENVY SWIRL as HS1 + BOUQUET BLOOM has multiple params. changed for a darker delay; HS3: BOUQUET BLOOM has the same darker delay settings as HS2 + Envelope back ON for ENVY SWIRL and the same Chorus settings as base program.

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