Memory Backwards – Synced – Fragment Looper

Same rack with 1/4 note sync settings. Adjust individual delays to 1/3 or dotted 1/4 note sync settings.

Create warbled/broken loops and continually alter the playback sequence.

A sequencer cycles through 16 different delays, both writing to the delay and playing it back in the active step.

Use the scan LFO to set the speed and direction of cycling through delay steps. Use the jitter LFO to set small variations in the sequencer position. Turn amount down on the Scan LFO and manually set the sequencer position for utilizing certain delays. Write in sound at one LFO rate, then change speeds for new rhythms.

Feedback at 100 turns the delays in to loopers. Use the smooth controls to smooth the decay of the signal going into the delay, and sounding out of the delay (input and output).

Change individual delay times with the delay time array. Each step corresponds to that delay’s time. Hit the button to update the delay modules. Come across new rhythms and uses. Short – long – it’s all good!

Bypass input to the looper by turning the knob all the way to the right.

UPDATE 1.1 – sequencer can now transition smoothly from right most to left most position when values crosses 1/-1

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  • Revision: 1.2
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