Mellotron samples into Organelle with a bit of reverb.

Involves a bit of work as you need to download samples from here into the folders provided:

Unfortunately, they’re not all named consistently but it doesn’t take long to fix if you like it. 

I can’t upload samples here due to file size limitations.

Thanks to Pierre Massat who did patch I’ve just adapted to Organelle.

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26 comments on “Mellowtron
  1. Jean-Paul Jenkins on said:

    I could not get this to make any sound on my organelle. It loads and shows the functions and they respond to the knobs and aux button but no sound. The wav files are also copied to the folder in the file. Any ideas?

  2. donnerbono on said:

    Did you get an error message at all (either plug HDMI into Organelle) or run Pure Data and Mother Desktop on PC?

    Other thing is to check wave files are in folders and no sub folders. That is Mellowtron > Cello > *.wav. And not Mellowtron > Cello > Cello > *.wav for example.

  3. Jean-Paul Jenkins on said:

    Yep …Totally messed up where I put the samples… got it fixed! haha..

  4. Jean-Paul Jenkins on said:

    The flute and the cello are particularly nice!

  5. donnerbono on said:

    Glad it worked! The other thing to watch out for is the file names are a bit off on some of the samples where on one it’s F# and others Gb. Pretty easy to just rename them.

    It’s definitely worth the effort though. The samples are great!

  6. bbthingsc on said:

    I love this! I am getting some sticky notes though that don’t release. Is it a result of the note naming thing?

  7. donnerbono on said:

    Sorry for delay replying. Note naming would just mean no note. Worth downloading again as it could be something to do with reading one of the wave tables. No idea how this could get buggy!

  8. Francisco Guerra on said:

    Hey guys, I’m just got an Organelle and I’m stoked but I can’t seem to figure out how to get Pd going! I read that it’s through HDMI but how?! I cant use my mouse or keyboard cos I’m connecting directly to my monitor which is a samsung tv that I use. I guess that it why I cant get Mellowtron to work. Little help?

  9. Vincent Borcard on said:

    I absolutely need to play a F2 :-)
    I’ve re-pitched an existing sample to F2. In the main Pure Data patch, do I just have to update the PD armoire or do I need to do extra stuff (note pad.txt, etc.) ? Thank you.

  10. donnerbono on said:

    Yep, you’ll have to add an F2 and midi note 41 in notemap.txt. As well as adding array 41 in Pd Armoire (copy one and rename).

    F2 can be yours!

  11. cmmckelv on said:

    I can’t get M300A and M300B to unzip. I have downloaded multiple times. When I try to unzip the folders, it gives me an Error 2 – No such file or directory. Any ideas?

  12. donnerbono on said:

    Did you try again? I had some issues downloading initially too.

  13. Ian Williams on said:

    Would anyone be willing to upload repaired versions of the mellotron samples? If not, I’d love a list of the inconsistencies! Just about every archive I get an Error 2 as well, and it leaves multiple samples missing in each patch.

  14. Edward Hudson on said:

    strange… no sound and files are in correct place.
    any new info on the mellowtron patches?

  15. JoJo Worthington on said:

    Alright! I figured out how to do it. Fourth time is the charm I suppose. Just wondering if anyone else is hearing a loud static noise whenever they go to switch sounds in this patch? Seems to be happening whenever the release is still trailing and I press the aux button to go to the next sound.

  16. Warren Walker on said:

    Having the same problem of getting the samples(error 2 message when I unzip). Is there another place to find the sample or a working link? THanks!

  17. Philip Redding on said:

    Ditto the missing /corrupted sample files for about half the sounds. Plus very loud glitching when switching sounds in the organelle.

  18. lucas-the-raw on said:

    Hi, is there any possible to see the .zip files containing the samples for the Mellowtron uploaded again anytime soon ?
    Apparently there’s some issues for a couple of people like me who can’t unzip the files… Which is a bit annoying.
    So my question is concerning the people using the Mellowtron with the right working files, could you guys help some brothers up?
    Thanks a lot !

  19. lucas-the-raw on said:

    Works fine with your files Pranciskus, thanks!
    I used to use the basic Utilitary one. Just switched to another unzip soft and it apparently works.
    Thanks for your quick help.

  20. pranciskus on said:

    Have a nice jam! :)

  21. Josh Schroeder on said:

    Hi there, is anyone else experiencing a “click” sound when playing this patch?

  22. Jacques Nomdefamille on said:

    Hey Josh, yeah, there’s a slight click when pressing a button, but I think that’s normal with the nature of the samples. You can kind of get rid of it by adding some reverb.
    Is anyone not having the problem with the sticky notes? I find it hard to believe seeing as how I downloaded the latest version of the patch.

  23. Max B. Duplan on said:

    Same problem with sticky notes here.. :-(

    Great patch nevertheless, thank you !

  24. slvg on said:

    Any fix for the sticky notes? It’s the B keys for me.

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