For all who have this patch loaded on a SD, there’s case sensitivity issue with the file folders, that will prevent you from loading the flute and brass samples. You need to rename the MkIIFlute and MkIIBrass folders so that the “K” in each folder is uppercase instead of lowercase. I have now renamed the folders in this version of the patch, but as I don’t use an SD with my Organelle to load patches, I have no way to test this.

Update Rev.2: I redid the GUI and controls of this patch and now you can change instruments with the encoder. Be aware that you need OS.2.1 or newer to run this patch!!!!


Encoder let’s browse through the instruments, push to select. To go back to the root menu, scroll till you reach “back to root menu”… Knob 1 let’s you transpose the keyboard down an octave or two (handy if you use the Organelle keyboard) . Knob 2 let’s you choose between multiple envelopes. Knob 3 let’s you choose between Chorus effects. Knob 4 gives you control over the reverb mix.

Installation instructions:

You need to install samples for this patch to work!!!!

1. Download all the mellotron samples from this link:
2. Unzip samples
3. Drop samples in the corresponding folder of the patch (Put all the woodwind samples in the “woodwind” folder etc.)
4. Rename all the Bb files in the violin folder to A# (don’t forget the number) Sorry, for inconvenience but, the samples aren’t mine…

For those of you how already downloaded the samples: Just exchange the PD and text files…

This patch is largely based on Pierre Massat’s PD patch (

Pic credit:
Buzz Andersen
CC BY-SA 2.0

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30 comments on “Mellowtron
  • Magnetic Ring on said:

    Why does the patch not play the full range of the 35 Mellotron voices. Isn’t there a way to add a octave control? Also the last 6 notes don’t play on the Organelle.

  • callmesam on said:

    I do tend to forget that some people use the Organelle keyboard and I fear this tendency is generally reflected in my patches. Concerning your question: Yes, it is possible to add an octave selector, I was planing on adding one from the get-go and guess what, I just did. So why wasn’t it there before? Look the old patch had a “stuck notes” issue and I did have to find a workaround (which turned to be pretty simple), but these things do take time.
    And if I may add: When I label patches as “work in progress” I really mean they are not finished, so please bear with me….

  • Antonio Gonzalez on said:

    Hi there!
    Have you noticed that if you play the same note 5 times the fifth changes note by itself?
    Misterious mellowtron….. hhhhh

    By the way, thank you very much for this improved patch, let’s make it perfect!!!!

  • callmesam on said:

    Hi Antonio,
    You have to more specific because I’m unable to reproduce your issue/bug and I’m not 100% sure what you mean by “changing the note by itself”. Does it go up or down in pitch? By how much: Big leaps?
    (Just to be sure: If you have the “tape-fluttering-effect” turned on, the mellotron will go in and out of tune (maybe 10-20 cents) in a irregular manner as it simulates fluctuation in tape speed…)

  • cakeyloo on said:

    Hello hello,
    Thanks for this great patch.
    Having a small prob where on the Violin setting all the Bbs reference the woodwind sound, in all octaves and across the keyboard. I’ve gone into the actual files and had a look and the violin Bb is there, so that’s not the problem.
    Any ideas?

  • callmesam on said:

    Rename all the Bb files in the Violin folder to A# (don’t forget to add the number). That should do the trick. (I will add that step in instructions above asap.) Thanks for pointing it out!

  • JMage on said:

    Man, I JUST got my organelle and I loaded and LOVE this patch.
    For my needs, would be even cooler if instead of chorus and reverb, I had a way to adjust TONE and layer two sounds (both features of the original mellotron) ….maybe I will do it myself if I can figure it out once I learn PD a bit!!!

  • davenoid on said:

    Great patch. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble with the MkII Flute and MkII Brass sounds. It shows that they’re loading, but I don’t hear anything. If another sound is already loaded, I continue to hear that sound instead. All other sounds work. Any ideas?

  • callmesam on said:

    hi davenoid,

    it seems like you’re a missing the samples… check if you have the right samples and if they are in the correctly labeled folders….

  • davenoid on said:

    No luck. I reinstalled the patch and samples a few times, and also checked and rechecked the folder names. It’s probably user error, but I can’t figure it out. Not a big deal though; most of the sounds work fine.

  • callmesam on said:

    My next guess: If you use an SD-card to save your instruments & files, there is an issue with case sensitivity of the sample folders… Check the organelle forum for further info… Best of luck :)

  • davenoid on said:

    That was exactly it. Thank you for taking the time to help. For future reference, if anyone else is having the same problem, you need to rename the MkIIFlute and MkIIBrass folders so that the “K” in each folder is uppercase instead of lowercase. Thanks again.

  • aherbreteau44 on said:

    Hello, I downloaded the patch, it appears in the patch list on the organelle, unfortunately when I hit the keys nothing happens, no sound is coming out, I tried different sounds nothing changes. I don’t encounter this problem with all the other patches, it’s the only one I have problem with (to my great sadness as I was desperate to try it). I got the latest version of the organelle, the latest version of the OS. Any idea how to solve the issue ? Has anyone encountered the same problem for this particular patch ?

  • Heather_Perkins on said:

    This patch is amazing! I set it up, loaded it into my Organelle, and was instantly transported to a land where Mellotrons run free. Perfect for a group show I’m playing in June. Can’t thank you enough – and extra thanks for including Reverb!

  • kelanimal on said:

    Anyone else run into any issues when loading this patch on the organelle? I am receiving the ‘no patches found!’ message after following the steps to install samples etc and uploading the yellowtron patch – what am I missing here?

  • callmesam on said:

    I just wanted to point out that there’s is Organelle forum and thread for this patch:

    So if you have issues, it’s easier to post there (I will normally see new comments pretty fast there)

    @kelanimal: My first guess: It seems like you haven’t reloaded your USB-drive in the Organelle (under the option storage click reload). If this isn’t the problem, I assume there might be something wrong with your USB-drive…

  • callmesam on said:

    You are very welcome, Heather! Glad you enjoy it.

  • kelanimal on said:

    @callmesam – I actually did reload the USB drive and my USB drive seems to work with any other PD patch on the organelle – I am at a loss!

  • callmesam on said:

    @kelanimal: “No patch found” means that the organelle can’t find the main.pd file of the patch. Double check if it’s there. Otherwise try re-uploading the patch to the USB drive.
    Regarding usb drive: If you’re using the white usb-drive that use to come with the organelle (older batches) I would run a disk-utility on it, as the drive can easily get corrupted (happened to me a few times before I exchanged it for a new one) and that leads to files missing or being unreadable to organelle. Best of luck.

  • callmesam on said:

    @kelanimal: Wait a second… “Yellotron?” Did you download the Yellotron patch from guitar extend? Because if so, well no wonder it doesn’t work. That’s not the patch for the Organelle. Use the download link on the top right…

  • giovanniferretti on said:

    Thank you for this patch!

    I want to add some note at this patch for increase the range, i have modified the txt file with
    F2.wav 40;
    F2#.wav 41;

    and i have add 2 sample 44100 16 bit with F2.wav name and F2#.wav name but i have an error: tabread… no such array

    what i have miss?

  • bendyingredient on said:

    just got the organelle and downloaded this patch, all the sounds are working but the MKII Flute isn’t playing anything, I’ve checked the sounds on the patch and they sound like the flute and labeled right but doesnt want to play on the organelle. Anyone have a similar issue or any tips? thanks! – Also, I’ve noticed that whatever instrument I select before going to the MKII flute carries over when I do go and select the MKII Flute

  • poykin on said:

    I’m not having any luck with loading the samples… therefore no sound? I have downloaded them and changed the format of the labelling multiple times to see if that was the issue but still no sound…
    I’ve tried 01. C3.wav, 01 C3.wav and 1. C3.wav but still not getting any joy… Have I missed something?

    I feel like this might be something I don’t understand…

    “For those of you how already downloaded the samples: Just exchange the PD and text files…”

  • sheiblett on said:

    I have the same issue as bendyingredient… can’t use the Flute patch at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • corgan77 on said:

    Awsome , working well , thx

  • jonentropia on said:

    Hi there! How many mellotron different sounds are in this patch? Thanks!

  • Daan Hocks on said:

    This is great, thank you so much! Thanks!

  • Joost on said:

    Hi everyone!
    I’m fairly new to the Organelle M, but, despite the fact that I sometimes get confused and/or overwhelmed by it, I’m loving it and have used it live and in my studio quite a lot already.
    With this patch though, I’m at a total loss. First, there was no patch to be found at all.
    After I renamed all the files as said above, the patch opens, I can see the names of the different instruments and the controls, but…still no sound, not from any of the instruments!
    If someone still reads this and has any idea what to do..?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Joost on said:

    Update: I compared my Patch with the patch from the download link and noticed some differences: Mine had some extra files like a Sjon module, a module pd and was missing the free verb file. After I deleted the extra files and copied the free verb file into place everything is working!

  • Jose Espresso on said:

    Hi! I have loaded all the required samples onto the instruments, but as I start to load it into my Organelle M, I can’t seem to find the “Mellowtron” under the file where I placed it. Any tips to work this around? I just got the Organelle yesterday and I’m kinda just winging everything so far. Thanks!

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