Mega CC Randomizer

Sends random values for CC 0 through 119 on the channels you select with the pads.

• Select the channel(s) you want to send using the pads.
• Double-tap the first knob to send all available CCs on all channels selected. You can also turn the knob past 12:00, or send value 64 or higher to the AU parameter Knob 0.
• By default CC 120-127 are excluded. These are Channel Mode Messages, and should not be used for this purpose. You can override this at your own risk in the @Settings section of the script.
• Messages are metered out with a short delay to avoid overwhelming hosts and apps. The delay can be changed in @Settings. Note, at the default 2ms delay, sending 1 channel will take a quarter of a second. Sending all 16 channels will take almost four seconds.

Loosely based on a script request from Audiobus Forum member @Poppadocrock. 👍🏼

2 comments on “Mega CC Randomizer
  • PoppaDocRock on said:

    Dude thank you for this. Anyone with Mozaic now has the ability to set up and randomize almost any iOS synth. I am so happy you decided to put this up on Patchstorage, thanks again!

  • wim-number37 on said:

    Version 1.1 fixes CC’s being sent out way too slow.

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