MEC is a new application which integrates controllers with the Organelle.

In this release Ive included a few profiles, specifically for the Eigenharp Pico (easily adapted to other Eigenharps) and the Push 2.

for expressive patches using the Eigenharp you will want to adapt patches to either use MPE or OSC
ive released brds_osc ad brds_mpe to demostrate this.

Push 2 , rather provides an extended control surface for the Organelle, so that parameters can be change from the Push 2.
this is built on ‘Kontrol’ , which is integrated into all my patches

MEC is very much under active development, so consider this a test release.

Requires: Organelle 3.1

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  • Revision: 0.9
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4 comments on “MEC
  1. element-s on said:

    This looks very interesting. I just bought a Pico and would be keen to try it but I couldn’t find any instructions on how to use. I put MEC in the patches folder and loaded it, however, the Pico doesn’t seem to respond. Is there another component I would need? I have Braids MPE and OSC should I have only one of them?

    thanks for any pointers

  2. element-s on said:

    Got it working in the end. It was the lack of a USB hub. BUt it all seems well.

    Thank you very much for this as I bought the Pico on seeing your Youtube video.

  3. Ben Norland on said:

    Hi. Quick question for @thetechnobear here.

    Also apologies because I may leave a copy of this message on one of two other channels as I’m not sure where might be the best places to ask.

    As an owner of an Eigenharp Pico and an Organelle I am keen to get a set up like this working. Am I correct that in order to do so I need to supply power directly to the organelle but also, separately, power to the Pico via a powered USB hub. All advice welcome.

  4. Ben Norland on said:

    Just to say if any one is interested, the answer to my question is in the appropriate thread in the C&G forum. Short answer: powered hub is needed.

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