Meander Loops – multiple “tape” looper

This is a simple tape loop machine for making textures, ambient and drone music. There are 6 flexisampler tape machines, each with separate LFOs linked to the volume level to allow for automatic fading in and out of each loop independently. It’s inspired by Hainbach’s Noises VST.

There are filters for each bank of 3 tape machines also controllable by LFOs, a master reverb and also a slightly modified version of the amazing tape emulator by ChildoftheCorndog for that crusty fried tape sound.

EDIT: Since making the demo video I’ve cleaned up the compact view a bit, namely hiding the mixer section and putting the LFOs next to their respective tape machines. It feels a bit neater. Bangzero has devised a way for the loop state to remain, even if the sampler reads 1-shot or something else, it’s set to loop. I’ve added the ability to sample from auv3 modules for the first tape looper in each rack, a space for an auv3 effect and also a “resampling” unit at the end to allow for further Lofi sample mangling. I’ll make a new video ASAP, but this can be thought of as the final final version.

Just load a sample into a flexi sampler, set it to loop and then trigger it with the trigger button. This allows for hot swapping of loops for more complex compositions without having to restart the transport every time a new sample is loaded. The trigger mechanism is by the supremely talented Bangzero.

This is my first patch, I just thought someone may find it useful. It’s not very elegant, but it gets the job done.

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