One Finger Orchestra v1.8



One Finger at a time… slowly or all hell can break loose.
You might like all hell. Season to taste.

I have changed the labeling from “Arp” to “Sequence”.

It can be good for synth sequence generating as well as creating film scores. For example:

All 22 knobs have Labels.

Top Row impact the Sequence functionality (Channel 1)
Bottom Rom impacts the Chord Functionality (Channel 2)

The Logging functionality displays the Ary and Chord Rhythm Masks.

I added the Logging of the Arp and Chord Rhythm “Masks”. Expose the Logging text below the GUI and you’ll know what the current knobs settings for the 2 Rhythm Masks used for Arp and Chord Strumming patterns.

v0.97 UPDATE: Added 4 additional “Skip” knobs for the Chord “delayed” notes.

Abstract Orchestra Demo:

v0.96 UPDATE: Putting the “Transpose” value in a GLOBAL so all instances of the script stay in the same key and the state of the script settings are saved in AUM

v0.95 Adding 4 “Skip” buttons to allow the insertion of rests into the arp patterns. It’s fun to run multiple instances pointed at different targets to make complex arrangements of rhythmic interplay.

More Music Examples: Arp Demo

One instance driving the piano and another the bass sync’ed with Funk Drummer.

More attention to the knobs provided and labeling.

It outputs Arpeggios on Channel 1 when the DAW’s transport is ON. The notes change with various chromatic input notes. Single notes are best but it can keep up with busy inputs too. The Arp latches on to the last note and waits for new input.

It also send Chords on Channel 2 after the script just loaded. The chords are complex voicing and not just the usual 1-3-5. I expect to keep adding new “Chord Maps” overtime. There are about 10 Chord Maps implemented at this point.

The knobs control a lot Parameters and have a basic labels to give you a clue what they change:

Notes per Chord
Transpose (it default to C as the tonal center)
Chord Map knob

It’s a great front end for the Randomizer scripts too. Slow the BPM and it’s good for ambient texture building.

Low Budget Film Music Demo:

Arpeggiated Piano Demo:

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