Mattix – Complex Drum machine

Semi-generative Drum Machine, that uses both sequencers and various randomized (and controlled) fills and rolls.

— Updated for Rack 0.4.0

11 voices:
8 Percs
-> Kick
-> Snare
-> Hihat (Open and Closed, 1 voice)
-> Crash cymbal
-> 4 various drums
2 synths
1 synth fx

“”The drums are programmed with a combination of sequencers, probability gates and multiples-mixing. There are two “sources” for the gates:
First, there are sequenced gates (using the fundamental SEQ3). But I guess you already knew that :D
Second, the main clock goes to a Bernoulli Gate, which generates random gates. This way, I’m getting ALL the sequenced gates plus some random notes.
These two sources are combined and sent together to another Bernoulli Gate, which I’m using to remove some of the hits, even those who were sequenced and not random.

This method above can produce great results by itself, but in this patch I used one more “layer of complexity”: I used another sequencer, that is running at 1/8 the rate of the main clock, and this is controlling the probabilities of each bernouilly gate, to get various drum fills and rolls that are synced with the tempo of the song.

The hihats are driven with a different idea: The main clock is going to a delay: When the signal is dry, you get the normal 16th notes, but when the signal is wet, you get normal 16ths but delayed by a 32th approx. This way, i’m “multiplying” the clock, and getting double the hits.

Then, the mix knob of the delay is controlled by a random S&H: When signal is mostly dry, you get static 16th notes, but when the wet signal is mixed in, you get hihat fills.””

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9 comments on “Mattix – Complex Drum machine
  • autodafe on said:

    wow this is insane ;-)

  • Alex Galán on said:

    Thank you, man, I’ve been trying your modules and they’re fantastic: This patch would have been much cleaner with those 1×8 multiples and clock dividers.
    I’m also digging your fixed filter bank and the 16 step seq

  • killkrt on said:

    Sadly I cannot make it works (on Linux), seems that there are some problems with clock synch, but I’ve checked the demo on YouTube and it seems a stunning patch!

  • Alex Galán on said:

    Hello killkrt! I don’t know why is this sync problem happening, but every time-related event is being triggered by the Tidal Modulator in the top left of the patch, which acts as a master clock.
    The various sequencers seem to phase against each other from time to time (I can’t understand why does it happen) but this is quite easy to solve, using a gate from one of the sequencers to reset the rest of them.

  • Jon Kade Valentine on said:

    How do you use this? It downloads as a .txt file.

  • Alex Galán on said:

    It should be a .vcv file. I’ve just checked and its allright in my PC

  • tornike on said:

    Crazy! thanks for sharing. though it sounds like a mess on my Mac, not sure if it is my CPU overload, or just incompatibility of some kind? :(

  • Alex Galán on said:

    Hello there! When Rack was updated to version 0.4, this patch became a mess. Is fixed now, you can try to download it again ;)

  • Synthikat on said:

    Nice Patch!

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