Martian’s don’t do VCV in firmware …

So the challenge was:

“… so I invite those of YOU who are passionate about space and science fiction make the same:

– make a VCV patch (“what music the Rover would play if VCV was installed in its firmware” or “what music would martians generate if they could put their hands on VCV :rofl: )
– use only FREE modules, no external MIDI/audio allowed
– download the video here: mars.avi – Google Drive 3
– add your music to the video and upload it somewhere and put the link in this forum with some details about the patch and – if you want – the link to the .vcv . You can add a few seconds at the beginning and/or at the end of the video (e.g. to show your running patch)
tag it with #vcv2mars …”

There, all done. Slightly longer but hey …

Voices courtesy of NASA (

It’s Quindar: Sound #2, slightly edited
(not quite sure whether you need to upload that as well)

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