Martian Rituals

VCV to Mars challenge
Another generative patch with some polyrhythmic drums underneath.

1 minute video:

And an 8 minute video (same thing, just more of it).

1240 PM
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2 comments on “Martian Rituals
  • Kleinemaschinen on said:

    How did you create/sequence the drums, what modules, Hora Deep, SV Synth drums? Really like the distortedness of the drums; almost if it’s miles away in the distance beckoning you to the sacrifice!

  • Worker 13 on said:

    for the drums I used 4 Autodafe kicks drums set to different sounds. I used Impromptu’s Gate Seq 64 to control them. They sound slightly distorted because I ran the mixer outs into Bogaudio’s Unison modules. It fattens up and “smears” the overall sound (usually I wouldn’t throw Unison on everything coming out of the mixer). I used minimal settings on Unison, but I probably should have cranked it up a little more.

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