Stores the values of a slider position so you can have a lot of things controlled by just one slider. Second inlet change between stored sliders. Creation argument sets number of sliders.


Example: Slider one is set to 10. Slider 2 is then set to 50. When you change to control slider 1 again it will start output when your slider position is back to 10 again. The idea is to prevent jumps. 


Use this with route to control 1 billion different parmeters with just a couple of knobs.

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  • Category: Utility
  • Revision: 1.0
  • License: GNU
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2 comments on “many-in-one-out
  • fuurthur on said:

    The purpose of this patch is great and well suited to the organelle. For some reason I get an error where the array define sliderValue object is just a red dotted box “…could not create” any ideas? I tried putting an array named sliderValue-$0 $1 but still it did not work.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Max Björverud on said:

    What version of PD are you running? The new [array] object was introduced quite recently. Try to update!

    A workaround would be to use [table]. Attached picture for you. Replace [array define sliderValue] with this instead :)

    Happy Patching!

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