Manuel Goettsching-esque Inventions for Electric[onic

Hello you,
I return to mangling virtual Guitars, this time under the influence of Manuel Goettsching’s ‘Inventions for Electric Guitars’.
All made with free VCV Rack modules, no guitars were hurt in the process!
Dave Phillips came up with the idea of using Squinky’s Formant filter as a wah-wah, so off I went!
The good people on VCV Rack Community helped and guided me to this epiphany! I automated the Slider and the ‘Fc’ control on formants using Stoermelder’s Umap, a fine module.

One comments on “Manuel Goettsching-esque Inventions for Electric[onic
  • deep-drone on said:

    I don’t know how you do it, but your sounds always make my head tingle, not even ASMR videos can do that^^. It’s very pleasant to listen to these frequencies. Really cool :)

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