(Load Presets Via MIDI, see instructions below). Description: CAUTION! This preset can get loud. The core of the tone is built on the comb filter with maximum resonance. From there the Sequencer Modifier is used to modulate the filter’s depth. This is then run through the Harmony processing element (which is being controlled by the LFO Modifiers) and then finally everything is being smeared together with the Poly delay structure. The Limiter is used in the post position to tame the extreme levels.

How to load preset: First, you’ll need a MIDI Interface to connect LVX to your computer. Some audio interfaces have a MIDI interface built in, but you can also use a standalone USB to MIDI interface like the M-Audio Midisport Uno. Next you’ll need an application capable of sending presets via MIDI sysex. For Mac we recommend Snoize SysEx Librarian, for PC we recommend Send SX.

Now connect your MIDI interface to your computer and LVX using the MIDI IN and MIDI OUT connectors on the back of LVX. Next start up the MIDI sysex application you’ve chosen. Drag or open the presets you’ve downloaded from into the application. In the application, be sure you’ve selected the MIDI Interface as the send and receive device. On Sysex Librarian, you can do this from the drop down at the top of the main screen. Turn the Preset/Pages knob on LVX to select where you want to save the preset you are about to send. Now select the desired preset and hit Play (or Send) on your application. If you are successful, LVX will display the name of the new preset on its screen. Finally save the preset on LVX.

Tip: For Sysex Librarian, most MIDI interfaces will work fine with the “Default” buffer size. If you suspect that your sysex data is not being received properly, try decreasing the buffer size to 256 or smaller.

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