LP to MPE is a Mozaic utility that sends each pad press on the LP to a different MIDI channel between 2 to 16, and translates the poly aftertouch signals on each pad press to a CC 74 message on the corresponding channel for that key.

The aim is to turn Launchpad X and LaunchPad Pro into cheap MPE controllers. Sure they’ve only got a single variable CC (pad pressure), but it’s a start

There’s a single knob that can be used to change the CC # – that’s all you can change. The CC number assigned to knob 0, and can be changed using the AU setting in tools such as AUM.

To use it in your iOS DAW, plug in your LaunchPad, start this Mozaic patch, make the LaunchPad’s MIDI out the input for the Mozaic patch, then start a synth that supports MPE and make the Mozaic patch its input.

Or more simply, (LaunchPAD MIDI out)->(this Mozaic Patch)->(MPE synth). Make sure the synth you’re using supports MPE, and that MPE is enabled in the synth.

To use this to get MPE-like behaviour with non-MPE synths, you can start multiple instances of your synth and have them listen to this Mozaic patch on MIDI channels 2, 3, 4, 5, … respectively. If you want e.g. up to 5 note polyphony, start 5 synth instances and set them each to listen to a single MIDI channel between 2 and 6. That way, each synth will receive a single note and the corresponding CC value for that note, so you’ll have a “poor man’s MPE” setup where you can control a single CC value per note.

Have fun, and let me know if there’s any extra features you’d like

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  • gkillmaster on said:

    Thanks for this. Works great and I was really hoping something like this would come along when I bought my Launchpad X and now it’s here. Much appreciated you sharing it with us!

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