Is this the first meme ported to ZOIA?

loss.jpg is a stereo multi-stage, cascading reverb with stereo aliasing, delay, and modulation.

It makes big reverbs that can sound windy, robotic, breathy, white noise-y, and unsettling.

Your right footswitch bypasses the patch.

Your middle footswitch maxes out the reverb time of each of the three stages of reverb.

Your left footswitch momentarily adds delay time to create a skipping and breathing effect.

Your front page has a lot of controls.

[A] controls stage 1’s aliasing. [I] controls stage 1’s reverb decay.

[E] controls stage 2’s aliasing. [M] controls stage 2’s reverb decay. [O] controls the pre-delay between stage 1 and stage 2.

[Y] controls stage 3’s aliasing. [4] controls stage 3’s reverb decay. [.] controls stage 3’s modulation. [6] controls the pre-delay between stage 2 and stage 3.

[-] controls the level of direct output of stage 1. [8] controls the level of direct output of stage 2. [0] controls the overall blend of the effect.

And that’s how you make it sound good.

Boring stuff for nerds:

Page 0 and 1 are pretty self-explantory.

Page 2 is stage 1. Dual aliasers feed into a stereo reverb lite. Reverb lite gets fed into stage 2, but also the VCA for the stage 1 direct out.

Page 3 is stage 2. Same effects layout, with a delay line before, which introduces pre-delay between the stages.

Page 4 is stage 3. Same effects layout as stage 2, with a multiplier and LFO to introduce modulation to the delay line.

That’s all. It’s very straightforward as far as an effect goes, but it’s got a great sound and a great UI.

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  • Rob Flax on said:

    You sick, sick puppy. This is brilliant.

  • Ferniff on said:

    Well now I’ve seen it all.

  • Commie_Doomster on said:

    This sounds beautiful, the perfect amount of etheral, washy but also articulate enough not to get lost. Really love this :)

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