Loopy is a quantized looper with the ability to have two different recording states for verse, chorus switching and an onboard delay that can be tempo synced. The workflow is as follows.

Start by going to the second page of the patch and setting your loop length (in beats) of both states and click the high F# to reset the both of the loop lengths. The next aspect is to match up the patch clock to correspond with the first downbeat of everything else which is set with the high G#. Sometimes it is easier to sync it on the ‘2’ rather then the ‘1’. After that you can click the aux or high C to begin start the countdown process.

If you mess up or want to delete a recording, click the high F or G to delete either the A or B loop. Click the high G# to change either between the A/B state.

If you want to queue a quantized start or stop, use the high C# and D# respectively. If you need to start or stop out of time or re-trigger the loop, use the bottom octave keys. Pushing the same key twice will mute the loop but you can click multiple keys in the lower register for retriggering.

If you want monitor the delay on the input signal turn it on in the second page.

I’ve also added a levels page on the last page to monitor the recorded signal vs input signal but it still needs a little work.

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  • Category: Composition Effect Sampler Sound Utility
  • Revision: 1.1
  • License: BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License
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