Looping Shift Register Fun

The idea is to set notes/CV in a sequencer (labeled “Main Sequencer” , or MS for short in the patch), record them into a Shift Register (short “SR” in the patch), make the SR loop into itself, then modify its content by adding/subtracting voltage in its loop-bridge to “mutate” the sequence. For this, I included various sources : a 2nd sequencer, a LFO, a random value generator, and 3 types of offset generators (one general shift to all notes, one to higher and one to lower than 0 Volt).
To spice things up, I also included a quantizer with shiftable scale mask (select a subset of notes from a scale, then shift which notes are picked within the scale).

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  • Revision: 1.0
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2 comments on “Looping Shift Register Fun
  • Kleinemaschinen on said:

    Unfortunately, every time I changed any parameter the patch shut down-I’m on Windows 10 and version 2.04 VCV Rack.
    Any ideas why this should happen?

  • roboklops on said:

    It might be the Resonator VCO, think I got similar crashes when I experimented with a looping SR and this VCO on a machine where I had to limit VCV Rack to 2 threads. Repacing it with the Plaits VCO fixed it for me.

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