This patch adapts Marco Baumgartner’s ALFALOOP looper for the Organelle (info: http://marcobaumgartner.com/#puredata/ALFALOOP).

The record function is mapped to the lowest C key on the Oragnelle. Pressing record once starts recording and pressing it again will close the loop and begin playback.

There are many overdub keys that are quantized to various divisions of the loop length: 1/7, 1/8, 1/9, 1/11, 1/12, 1/24 and 1/48 (from F key chromatically up to C). Overdub will start on the next division of the loop corresponding to the key pressed and will last as long as that key is held down, but will end on the next subdivision after the key is released. This scheme allows some crazy rhythmic fun (see video).

There are four parameters controlled by the organelle’s four knobs (from left to right):
– Feedback: Controls how much of the loop (volume) will remain on the next loop repetition.
– Ducking: Controls how much of the loop (volume) will mixed with the overdubbed audio from the inputs.
– Multiple: Multiplies the divider of the overdub keys (e.g. moving from 1 to 2, 1/7 becomes 1/14).
– Dry/wet mix

Thanks to:
– RJDJ for the crossfader
– I got a noise gate from this page:https://ccrma.stanford.edu/wiki/Stompbox_2012
– Marco Baumgartner for ALFALOOP
– Olaf Matthes for listfifo.c: https://github.com/pd-l2ork/pd/blob/master/externals/maxlib/listfifo.c
– Whoever I forgot (sorry)

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2 comments on “Looper
  • lzr on said:

    I was curious about how you implemented the [rec] and [over] buttons. Turns out it’s a bunch of canvases of different sizes and colors (even the letter consist of small canvas “pixels”). Interesting solution :)

  • Philip Redding on said:

    No audio output for me after recording . “C” does not start playback for some reason.

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