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This is my first attempt to mod a patch for the Organelle. This is the patch Beats & Pieces, but instead of samples it triggers loops. The idea is to use it as a background looper and with a footswitch change the loops. It’s almost there, but there is a very small delay when the loops are triggered. I bet is something in the way i programmed the patch because i did it in a trial and error way. Hope you enjoy it and help me to get it working!

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3 comments on “Looper Player
  1. baptiste on said:

    I didn’t dive into the patch, but the delay you feel may be due to the fact that the sample is played on note release, not on note pressed.

  2. Luís Costa on said:

    I was looking forward to something like this! Did you ever solve the delay problem when triggering the loops?

  3. Darko Saric on said:

    The delay was very notorious when i run the patch in my Laptop via the mother patch from Organelle. But the patch in the Organelle works nicely

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