Looper: Octave freeze

This is a relatively basic freeze patch. A few loopers overlab to give the illusion of smoothness.

Left footswitch is the record button.
Middle footswitch resets the loopers, in case one of the got out of sync. It can also do some neat somehow smooth glitches.
Right footswitch toggles between the normal freeze sound and a “stereo expanded” sound, that introduces a bit of delay between the left and right channels.

The key to this patch is that there’s 3 loopers working in parallel, one an octave up and one an octave down. There are being crossfaded between each other to create a complex, breathing pad that can either be glitchy or very smooth and wavy.

The LFO for the crossfades is right the in white on the interface. You can’t really go wrong here, almost eveything sounds pretty.

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  • jako on said:

    this is a really nice patch, I love to use but how to get rid of the dry signal out of the zoia. I’d like to hear only the sound of the FX from ZOIA not the sound of the dry signal mix with the fx. is it possible?

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