Looper: Arrythmic drum looper

This is a scaled down drum machine (oscillator for kick, one noise+osc combos for snares/toms and two noise tracks for cymbals or claps) going into stereo loopers. With the looping, it can create evolving complex stereo drum patterns and all kind of crazyness.

Left footwitch is your record button (and also a reset button if you already have a loop going.

Middle fooswitch causes one of the loopers’ recording trigger to be slightly delayed, causing neat phasing effects. It only effects new loops though. The delay value can be set using the grey value module in the bottom left of the interface page, the magenta value module besides it controls the mix of a delay line synced with the delayed looper. It’s weirdly hard to explain, but quite intuitive when you play with it a bit.

The right footswitch allows overdubs to be recorded (if the quantize switch hasn’t been pressed).

On the interface screen, you get a 4 track 16 step sequencer to make your patterns.

The magenta pushbutton to it’s right is the quantize button. It decides if the loop gets quantized to the grid or if it stays free. Since it uses the looper’s retrig input, it disables overdubs, so I suggest looping everything you need before quantizing.

The blue pushbutton in the bottom left toggles reverse/forward playback.

The green value module to the left mixes between your loops and the drum machine.

The yellow value module to the left controls playback speed. .50 is your normal sound, .40 is an octave down, .60 is an octave up, etc.

This was long to make ’cause I really wanted to have performance in mind in the design. I think it’s pretty good and intuitive, but your comments would greatly help!

Demos will be coming shortly

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