Stereo Looper with a rhythm-slice feature. Pass MIDI from a controller through the Zoia out to a synth, and pass the audio of the synth into the Zoia. Make a loop and then layer on a rhythm. The patch records the midi triggers and loop start points of the rhythm into cv loops. From there, pitch shifting and stuttering is possible without changing the duration of the whole loop, since each slice will retrigger in the original time no matter what. Loop Length Max 16s.
Left Stomp: Set to momentary by default. First press, hold, release, records the base loop on both loopers (L/R). Additional press, hold, release, is momentary overdub.
Right Stomp: Latching Overdub to both loopers (L/R)
Middle Stomp: Momentary press to queue the Rhythm Slice Record Pass on the next loop start. The recording starts and ends in one loop pass. If you want to ALSO record audio to the loop during the slice record, you must also turn on overdub.
Top Right:
Corner White button: Reset Everything.
Tip: When first starting the patch, quickly press the left stomp to record a short loop, and then press the white Reset Everything button. This ensures the CV loops and switches are in the correct initial state.
Red blocks are 2 channel audio in and out with a starred param for output gain.
Top Left:
3 rows have the left (green), middle(orange), right(red) stomp switch objects.
Next to the middle stomp switch is a clear button for wiping the rhythm slicing cv loops. Next to that is a block that lights up during the record pass. Next to that is an orange block that reads out the rhythm slice points CV Loop.
Bottom Left:
Left side rows 5 and 6 are the record buttons for Pitch+Stutter automation and Reverse ON/OFF automation. Press the red button to queue a record pass. Press white button to clear. Next block over lights up green when recording. Orange block indicates the recorded CV.
Bottom Right:
In the bottom right corner is a indicator of the ramp LFO that syncs the start of the loop.
Two purple Value objects above that control the Left Delay Length and Right Delay Length up to 100ms max.
Out of the box a green Midi Notes In object receives CH 11 with trigger enabled and this is intended to pass out to your synth also. Change the channel to whatever you like. The triggers from this object feed the sample&hold and CV loop recording the rhythm.
The rest of the MIDI is all receiving on CH16. Notes 36 & 37 gates enable pitch and stutter. Notes 38 & 39 enable the FX. Notes 40 & 41 are Reverse L/R. Notes 42 & 43 are Momentary Overdub L/R. Ch16 CC 1 & 2 control pitch and stutter. CC 3 & 4 are Filter Cutoff L/R. CC 5 & 6 are Filter Res L/R.
PAGE 6 & 7: Length (Stutter) And Pitch Control
The values held in the switches here determine the quantization of the pitch and length as you modulate the CCs. Change these values to customize your scales or your stutter. Page 7 has a starred param for a Slew time that controls how fast pitch glides from one value to the next.
Page 8 – 9:
CV Loops for Automation. If aiming to free up CPU for other ideas, these can be removed.
Page 10:
Low Pass Filter into a Delay. Left and Right. Freely swap these out for other FX or they could be removed completely.
They feed into audio switches controlled by MIDI Note 38 & 39. This controls whether the zoia audio output gets the plain Looper Out, or gets the FX’d audio.

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