Loopback Mapping Tool

This “Append” patch is only of interest if you are creating or adapting a physical-loopback patch using firmware 1.13.2

**If you are using FW 1.14.0 or higher, manual MIDI mapping makes this patch redundant**

under firmware 1.13.2:
When you want to use a CC/note coming from a loopback as a *mapping* event, a problem arises:
any event you sent into the loop will get auto-mapped first!

This utility solves the problem by sending the required CC/note on the required channel independently of any input.

Append it to your loopback patch, set all your mappings and remove

PS. Naturally, a physical MIDI/USB loopback needed for this to work. The stray LOOPBACK-IN is included for (un-scary) testing – map one it’s two properties and watch it enable/disable | switch MIDI-A/Virtual-H

credit: joeybutters (https://patchstorage.com/author/joeybutters/)

19/04/2023: edited Description Panel wording

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