Loop Mixer

Here’s how I use Drambo with hardware to get perfect crossfades between “tracks”.

In this video I go through 3 patterns on my Digitakt. Every time I record 1 bar, then throw the crossfader to the right to switch to the recorded loop. Then change the pattern on Digitakt and slowly crossfade into the next one.

As simple linear volume crossfade would sound bad, I demonstrate how I use custom crossfade curve on each “deck” in the end of the video.

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3 comments on “Loop Mixer
  • Magua on said:

    Thats octatrack in its pure form! :D

  • depuratumba on said:

    Hi! this is almost EXACTLY what I’m after – basically a portable solution to replace my Octatrack (at least in certain situations)… unfortunately when I load the session I get no sound. Is it possible that it’s broken due to a Drambo update? I’ve purchased it yesterday (July 26th, 2021) so maybe it’s not compatible with the latest version…
    Any help would be greatly appreciated! I’ve tried reverse-engineering it but I’m a bit new to the ecosystem so I don’t quite understand some of the modules used in the patch.

  • depuratumba on said:

    nevermind, I made it work!

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