Loop MIDI sync

Looper with optional MIDI sync length cutoff and loop start adjustment.

Left = Record/Overdub
Middle = Start/Stop + Restart
R = Clear loop

MAGENTA “MIDI on – off” Button = MIDI sync: Enable (lit) / Disable (unlit). Recording while Enabled (lit) will automatically cut the recording at the loop length set by theMIDI input BPM and the “32 – 16 Beats” button.

WHITE “Sync” button (2×2 grid) = Re-sync the loop start to the clock. (press any of them on beat1 if the loop is out of sync)

BLUE “Loop Start” = scoot the start point of the loop forward

AQUA “Pitch” = scroll pitch and speed up to an octave up / double time

Edit the magenta MIDI button’s “normally” setting from “zero” to “one” to make the patch always start with the loop length chop enabled.

The point of this patch is to allow you to record a loop of any length and then chop it to the number of beats you set by pressing the GREEN 32 – 16 beats button and activating the sync with the MAGENTA button on the main “GUI” page. This allows you to create loops which will always have the same start and end point in sync with a drum machine or other CV or MIDI clock source.

You can only edit the length of the loop to 16 or 32 beats for now. I will add odd time signatures and a tap tempo instead of expression pedal and MIDI option soon….
(…….. If you are an over achiever and want to help out, I am using a clock divider to set the loop length. The division is on page 2, the 3rd square from the left and 3d from the top. My current plan is to use a sequencer to create the steps to cycle through time signatures.)

seems like the middle button play/stop/reset sometimes does not trigger the reset , Please please please help me diagnose.

Not based on the Tips and Tricks MIDI sync, and not sure if anyone else has done something similar. So if this is not what what you are looking for, you should try the tips and tricks circuit (which works perfectly for predetermined loop lengths) or if this is redundant, please let me know.

4 comments on “Loop MIDI sync
  • Jay Zen on said:

    Can you upload a zip or simply a Mozaic patch? I can‘t open this bin…

  • c_c on said:

    Jay Zen – this is a Zoia patch, they’re always .bin files. I think you’re in the wrong category homie. Just a heads up

  • astrolord1 on said:

    i keep hearing about tips and tricks looper, could someone point me in the right direction? cheers

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