Long Stretch

Stretch out a sample for a looooong time using FFT now v0.9 with new features

Based on the ‘paulstretch’ Pd abstration by Derek Kwan please visit for details: https://github.com/derekxkwan/pdkvabs Licenced under the GNU GPL 3.0, included the source.

Also now includes the lovely BelleWitch effect from RushCutter.

This is work in progress. Current features:
– Set a pulse tempo that retriggers the sample at regular intervals
– Highpass filter
– Reverb
– Slow the sample playback to super-slow
– Play the sample by twiddling the offset and slow-rate
– Pitch shift both continuous set by knob and by playing keys
– Two stages of the C&G 13FX
– C&G simple looper
– Toggle sample play on/off
– Forward/Reverse sample direction

Version History
0.1 Original
0.2 Fix to typo. Fix to pulse tempo not updating
0.3 Added C&G 13FX on 3rd page
0.4 Added 2nd stage of13FX and keyboard playing to shift the pitch
0.5 Added the simple looper on Aux+D#
0.6 Added sample play on/off on Aux+F#
0.7 Added play sample on/off text indicator to Aux menu
Added sample foward/reverse toggle on Aux+G#
0.8 File selection now on Aux+C#. Hold Aux to get the menu, twist Knob 1 to select the file number, hit C# to load it.
Added BelleWitch effect and volume boost
Removed redundant reverb
0.9 Bug fixes
0.10 Bug fixes

Samples are in the ‘samples’ folder with names like Audio1.wav etc.

To load a sample (note new method in V0.8)
– Hold Aux to get the Aux menu
– Select a file number with Knob 1
– Hit Aux+C#

FX and Looper
Please see 13FX documentation for details https://www.critterandguitari.com/tags/effect

For the looper, hit Aux+D# to cycle through the states: idle, recording, playing, stopped.

A short press starts recording, then again to start or stop playing. A long press on Aux+D# resets the looper to ‘idle’, ready to record again.

Aux Menu
Hold Aux to invoke a menu of five items on the low black keys:
C# Load File
D# Activate the simple looper
F# Toggle the sample play on/off
G# Toggle foward/reverse sample play direction
A# Cycle through resonator pitch from -12 to +12 semitones

1) Main

1: Volume boost (0-100%)
2: Pulse Tempo bpm
3: Blocksize (not quite sure what this should be, leave it at 100% which translates to an internal number)
4: Highpass filter cutoff, handy for removing rumble

2) Params

1: Slow % (from 0 to about 15000%, where 0% is normal speed)
2: Offset % (that’s where the sample starts to play from, along it’s length)
3: Pitch Shift % (arbitrary units -100 to + 100%)
4. BelleWitch effect amount

3) FX1
The C&G 13FX set of effects

4) FX2

575 PM
  • State: Work In Progress
  • Platform:
  • Category: Sampler
  • Revision: 0.10
  • License: GNU General Public License v3.0
  • Views: 1168
  • Modified: 1 year ago
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9 comments on “Long Stretch
  • Felix Petrescu on said:

    fatastic port! thank you big time!!!

  • soxsa on said:

    My pleasure I’ll see what I can get out of it now. There’s room for another page of something – another FX stage maybe.

    It’s here generating interesting sounds. right now. I’m worried it’s going to summon something from the deep.

  • metakephoto on said:

    Thanks for creating/sharing this patch.
    I’m seriously enjoying everything about this patch.

  • soxsa on said:

    Thank you! Glad you’re enjoying it. I’ve now added the C&G simple looper and a button to play/stop the sample independently – for more fun/chaos :)

  • soxsa on said:

    Now at version 0.8:
    – Streamlined file load, freeing up a knob. Hold Aux to get Aux Menu, twiddle Knob 1 to select the file number, while still holding Aux hit C# to load it.
    – Volume boost
    – BelleWitch lovely FX from RushCutter

  • soxsa on said:

    Now at 0.10 with some bug fixes and improvements

  • ruben_de_puben on said:

    Hey! Not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but with (what seem to me like) regular settings, the samples are playing, but they’re interrupted at regular intervals by a short buzz sound. Any idea why that could be?

  • maximilian_gruener on said:

    Great Patch!! Thanks a lot!
    Is there any chance you could include a recording funcion for the samples in the future ? I think this would by an amazing update!

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