Long samples player Stereo (SP-404 style)

My first patch for the Organelle, adapted from Beats and Pieces with the good advices from ChrisK.
I’m playing with long files such as field recordings, treating them afterwards with a pedalboard, it can also be useful for people making sound in theater, where they need to broadcast long ambiences.

Patch is Stereo.

Fill wav files from 1.wav to 24.wav, each one dedicated to a key. There is a crossfader to switch between sounds 1-12 and 13-24.
Aux can send a wav file called ambient.wav in my patch, no change from the original patch except for the name.
Knob 1 : volume from the Aux file.
Knob 2 : Crossfader between sounds from the keyboard (1-12 and 13-24).
Knob 3 : Amount of reverb
Knob 4 : Reverb mix.

Reverb FX is unchanged from the original patch.

Future plans :
– Implement the visual keyboard
– Add more FX.

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  • Revision: 0.9
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5 comments on “Long samples player Stereo (SP-404 style)
  • Luis_Costa on said:

    I found this patch a few days ago and it’s just the thing I was looking for!

    I have one question: contrary to what happens in “beats and pieces”, each key seems to work as an on/off button for each sample, meaning that if I push a key and it plays a sample, the 2nd key press will stop the sample instead of triggering it again.
    Do you know if there’s a simple way to tweak this in Pure Data to get the same behaviour as the original Beats and pieces patch?

  • Andrina on said:

    Hey, thanks a lot! It suits perfectly for what I needed! Just one question: I often have to press the knobs twice so that sound is coming. Did you by chance have the same problem and did an update where this works better? Thanks a lot and all the best

  • chkbeto on said:

    Cool patch, thanks!

  • HerrSol on said:

    Hi! Am I suppose to name my files “1.wav”, “2.wav” and so on?
    And then should I just upload the wav-files into the folder? Like right next to all the pd-files?

  • HerrSol on said:

    Never mind! It’s working now, and it was as I described in my last comment, if anyone else is wondering. :) Big thanks for this patch! Gonna use it for performing live with my band.

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