Live Quantize

LIVE QUANTIZE v0.2 (beta)
Delay notes played late until the next metronome subdivision.

• Knob 1: Grid size as a fraction of a quarter note according to the host tempo
• Knob 2: Grid straight or “dotted” subdivisions
• Knob 3: Percentage of tolerance for lateness.

(Scroll down for a few examples of how settings affect quantization.)

NOTE: TRANSPORT MUST BE RUNNING or no quantization will take place.
NOTE: Note lengths are preserved. So, the note off of a delayed note is offset by the same amount as the note on.
NOTE: There is the slight potential for stuck notes if the same note is played before the delayed end of note arrives. Fixing this would require significantly more processing overhead, so testing is needed to determine if this is needed or not.

EXAMPLE: grid=1/4, dotted=NO, tolerance=25%. A note played less than 1/6 note after the beat will sound immediately. A note played more than 1/16 note “late” will be delayed until the next beat.
EXAMPLE: grid=1/4, dotted=YES, tolerance=50%. Same as above except that a note played more than 1/16 late but less than 3/16 late will be delayed until the 3/16 mark. A note more than 3/16th late will be delayed until the next beat.

3 comments on “Live Quantize
  • wim-number37 on said:

    v0.2 adds 1/3 notes, fixes grid larger than 1/4 note not working, and adds dotted option to grid.

    Right now, overlapping notes will not play. For instance, if you play a long note and it’s delayed to the next grid division, then you play the same note before the first has finished sounding, the second one won’t play. Additionally, there is the potential for stuck notes in this scenario since two note-on events are received before the first note-off. This is bad juju.

    However, changing this will add significant complexity and processing overhead to the script. I’m on the fence about whether or not this is worth it at this point.

    I do plan to add Swing to the next version. Should be pretty easy I think.

  • wim-number37 on said:

    hi @yoni – thanks! That looks like a great script. I’ll mention it to the person for whom I wrote this script. It seems like it would suit their needs better than this one. Too bad I didn’t know about yours. Oh well, I just did it for fun anyway.

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