Linnstrument layout synth

This is a nifty little Linstrument layout on one page and a synth on the other. The synth is pretty basic as I was pretty much only doing this as a proof of concept, but I figured that some people might want to copy the Linnstrument layout I made as it’s a pretty time-intensive thing to do!

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2 comments on “Linnstrument layout synth
  • [WZ] on said:

    So I had to google “Linnstrument”.

    That all sounded pretty nifty and cool, but… what does the patch do then?

  • Simon_Provencher on said:

    It’s basically a basic synth with a keyboard layout that I like: 5 chromatic rows a fifth apart insteand of the usual white/black keys. I assigned a -2 semitones pitch bend to the left footswitch too.

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