LFO Metro

Metronome aware LFO. Calculates the wavelength of the LFO in miliseconds from the BPM, number of bars as beats per bar.

Almost entirely based on the default LFO orac patch

Zop file installs to `/usbdrive/media/orac/usermodules/modulate`

2 comments on “LFO Metro
  • dr_kd on said:

    This is my first attempt at a useful PD patch. Any feedback gratefully received.

    Source is available from github, so it’s possible to see how the original LFO was modified (it’s pretty simple)

  • dr_kd on said:

    Little gotcha with this patch – once you’ve dialed the bar length and the beats per bar you’ll need to make the clock change its signal to get the LFO moving. So that either means dial the LFO in then start the clock, or change the BPM. The former makes more musical sense.

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