Launchpad X Drum Sequencer

Launchpad X version of my Launchpad Mini Mk3 Drum Sequencer script.

Changes from Mini Mk3 version:
– updated sysex messages for switching between Live mode and Programmer mode
– added sysex messages to disable pad velocity sensitivity and aftertouch (may need to be re-enabled in Session button menu when back in Live mode)

Changelog: v1.10
– Added pattern copy/paste. To copy the currently displayed pattern to another bar slot, hold down the retrigger button and press whichever bar button you’d like to paste it to. To copy to multiple slots, keep the retrigger button held and press other bar buttons
– Added Roland T-8 and Volca Beats midi maps
– Updated description
– Changed colours of accent and retrigger buttons to make their function more memorable: Accent = Aqua, Retrigger = Raspberry
– Fixed: toggling a step off now resets it’s retrigger value

Changelog: v1.11
– Added midi map for FAC Drumkit
– Couple of small fixes (details in script)

Changelog: v1.12
– Added midi map for Korg Gadget AUV3s

Changelog: v1.13
– Bug fix: ‘Clear all patterns and chain’ did not reset the mute buttons or velocity knob labels – fixed

Changelog: v1.20
– Added QuickMaps to the Pattern Entry GUI. Press a button to automatically map the preset knobs to a favourite configuration. The mappings can be easily customised in the @OnLoad section of the script
– Complete rewrite of retrigger code. Per-step retrigger values are now stored in the NoteState matrix rather than separate arrays
– Rewrite of bar button selection and display code
– Other optimisations. Removed unnecessary events/lines from script

Changelog: v1.21
– Added QuickMap Log pad to display the current preset knobs config array
– Removed @TriggerChain event – @TriggerPattern now covers patterns and chains
– It was possible to add a retrigger value to a blank step – fixed
– Updated description

The script contains a detailed description of all functions and I have also made a pdf showing all the controls and routing. Link for pdf download…

For the list of features and instructions, please see the description for the Mini Mk3 version.

5 comments on “Launchpad X Drum Sequencer
  • samsamsam on said:

    That’s fun. Very cool.
    This works on my launchpad X.
    I’m struggling with accents and retriggers but I might do something wrong…

  • carlos77 on said:

    To add an accent, hold down the accent button, and with it still held, press a step. The pad will light brighter than a normal step. If you press the same step again with the accent button held, it will revert back to a normal step. If you press the step without holding the accent button, it will remove the step. You’ll also notice that holding down the accent button changes the Mozaic knobs A to D to show the current accent velocity. Depending on the sound you are triggering, the accent might not be very noticeable – try lowering the channel velocity while keeping the accent velocity high. You can also use an accented step as a ghost note by dropping the accent velocity right down.

    Retriggers work in a similar way – hold the retrigger button and press a step. Pressing the step multiple times cycles through the retrigger values – x2, x3, x4 and back to x1. The label above the Mozaic pads changes to show the retrigger value for that step. Also, the Launchpad logo cycles through the channel colours to represent the number of retriggers – red = 1, orange = 2, yellow = 3, white = 4.

    Hope this helps.

  • samsamsam on said:

    Nope. Doesn’t work for me, but thanks for the help!

  • carlos77 on said:

    Thanks for the feedback samsamsam.
    If you press and hold the accent button on it’s own, does the led light brighter? If not, it sounds like the pad velocity sensitivity might still be active. I added the sysex messages to disable this, but it might be worth checking it is turned off in the Live mode Session button menu.
    If you try to accent a step, does it light brighter than a normal step?
    Do the mute buttons and play/stop buttons work ok?

  • carlos77 on said:

    Quick Tip – the Koala midi map also works with FAC Drumkit

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