Launchpad Mini Mk3 Drum Sequencer

This Mozaic script turns the Launchpad Mini Mk3 into a 4-channel drum sequencer, with the following features:
– 16 steps per bar, up to 8 bar slots can be programmed
– Bars can be played back sequentially or manually selected
– Per-step accents with per-channel accent strength
– Per-step retriggers: x2, x3, x4
– Channel muting and velocity control
– Pattern chaining mode: Create a chain of up to 256 bars
– Midi maps for Ruismaker, Ruismaker FM, Pure Acid, Korg Gadget, FAC Drumkit, Koala Sampler, General Midi and Chromatic
– Swing and Humanize controls. Humanize adds a random velocity variation to each step
– Midi Machine Control (MMC) for Launchpad play/stop button (enable in AUM)

Changelog: v1.10
– Added pattern copy/paste. To copy the currently displayed pattern to another bar slot, hold down the retrigger button and press whichever bar button you’d like to paste it to. To copy to multiple slots, keep the retrigger button held and press other bar buttons
– Added Roland T-8 and Volca Beats midi maps
– Updated description
– Changed colours of accent and retrigger buttons to make their function more memorable: Accent = Aqua, Retrigger = Raspberry
– Fixed: toggling a step off now resets it’s retrigger value

Changelog: v1.11
– Added midi map for FAC Drumkit
– Couple of small fixes (details in script)

Changelog: v1.12
– Added midi map for Korg Gadget AUV3s

The script contains a detailed description of all functions and I have also made a pdf showing all the controls and routing. Link for pdf download (zip file)…

IMPORTANT: The destination drum app MUST be filtered to receive midi on channel 12* (see note below) or stray triggers will occur. Either filter in AUM to channel 12 or preferably load the MIDI Channel Router script I wrote (also on Patchstorage) into another instance of Mozaic and this will take care of it.

*The sequencer sends midi to the destination app on channel 12 rather than the default drum channel 10, as channel 10 causes issues on the Launchpad (flashing pads etc).

NOTE: previous generations of Launchpads labelled the right-hand column of buttons A to H, but the Mini Mk3 does not have these labels. However, the following explanations and the instructions in the script use this naming convention.

Step-by-step setup and use
– Connect Launchpad Mini to iPad
– Launch AUM and add a midi channel
– Load 2 instances of Mozaic in the midi channel
– Add an audio channel and load a drum app
– Enable ‘Receive MMC’ and ‘Rewind when stopped’ in AUM/Midi Control/Transport parameters
– Load the Sequencer script (LP SEQ) into one instance of Mozaic, and the Midi Channel Router script (CH>>CH) into the other
– Open the AUM routing matrix and route as follows:
– LP SEQ to Midi Control, Launchpad Midi In, CH>>CH
– Launchpad MIDI Out to LP SEQ
– CH>>CH to drum app (eg. Ruismaker)
– Re-UPLOAD the sequencer script to initialise the Launchpad
– TIP: At this point it’s worth saving the completed setup as a template in AUM
– Select a Midi map with knob 10
– Select a preset for each channel (A,B,C,D) with the bottom row knobs (for Ruismaker, Ruismaker FM and Pure Acid the labels are the default preset names. For Koala the pad numbers are shown, General Midi shows the midi note numbers and Chromatic shows the note and octave)
– Select the number of steps (bars) with knob 5. The top row of buttons on the Launchpad show the number of bars, with the current bar brightly lit
– Enter a pattern on the Launchpad. Each channel is 2 rows of 8 pads, each press of a pad toggles the step on and off
– Press Play, either using the AUM transport controls or button H on the Launchpad
– Channels can be muted with buttons A,B,C,D on the Launchpad (the colour of the mute button matches the channel colour)
– The velocity for each channel can be changed with the top row of knobs. If the velocity is changed when a channel is muted, it will unmute at the new velocity
– Add an accent to a step by holding down the accent button on the Launchpad (button E) and pressing a step – the step will light brighter than a normal step. See the script description for step toggle behaviour. When the accent button is held down the velocity knobs change to show the accent velocity for each channel
– Add a retrigger by holding down the retrig button on the Launchpad (button F) and pressing a step. With each press of the step the retrigger value changes – x2, x3, x4, x1. The label above the pads briefly changes to display the retrigger value, and it is also shown in the log window. In addition, on the Mini Mk3, the Novation logo changes to the colour of each channel to represent the retrigger value – ie. red x1, orange x2, yellow x3, white x4

NOTE: during playback some controls are locked (for instance, the SHIFT button) – check the Log window for messages.

The midi output can also be recorded into Atom, Atom2 or MIDI Tape Recorder. Route as per the drum app. Set the grid size to 1/64 in Atom/Atom2 to capture retriggered steps.

Compatibility: the script was written for and tested on the Launchpad Mini Mk3. The script has not been tested on the Launchpad X or Pro, so compatibility is not known.

Known Issues:
– Pure Acid retriggers not working properly (not sure why). Retriggers working fine with other destination apps and also tested ok with a hardware drum machine.

I’ve tested the script pretty extensively, but if you find any issues or have a question, leave a comment. Also, if you’d like midi maps for different drum apps I haven’t included, let me know – I only included the apps I already had and could test with the script.


Thanks to Bram Bos for Mozaic (and the excellent Programming Guide), and the contributors to the Mozaic wiki on the Audiobus forum for the really useful tips and tricks.

8 comments on “Launchpad Mini Mk3 Drum Sequencer
  • pxlhg on said:

    This sounds quite nice, and, very advanced :D Thank you!

  • carlos77 on said:

    The midi channel issue in Pure Acid has been resolved in version 1.5.4, so it is not necessary to use the Midi Channel Router script. Change the drums midi-in channel in standalone Pure Acid to channel 12, and route/filter as per the sequencer description.

  • samsamsam on said:

    Thanks a lot for this Carlos. Seems interesting. Do you think it should work on Launchpad X too?
    A small video would help if you have time, to understand the basics: )

  • carlos77 on said:

    Hi samsamsam. Thanks for your comment. I’ve had a look at the Launchpad X documentation and with a few changes to the script it should work ok (I haven’t got a LPX, so it will be untested).
    I’ll try to post a video if I get time. If you haven’t already, check out the pdf I made – link in the description above.

  • samsamsam on said:

    Thanks a lot. I will try it and If I’m successful I will keep you updated.

  • carlos77 on said:

    Quick Tip – the Koala midi map also works with FAC Drumkit

  • os68ng on said:

    Wow! This is insane!

  • carlos77 on said:

    Thanks for the comment os68ng! Glad you like it!

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