Launchpad Mini Mk1/2 Bassline Sequencer

Monophonic sequencer with chromatic keyboard. Select from 1 to 32 steps with per-step velocity and gate adjustment. Enter steps manually or live record during host playback. Program sequences in 16 banks, with copy/paste functionality to quickly copy a sequence to another bank. During playback, another bank can be cued to play when the current sequence has reached its last step. Transpose individual steps or the entire sequence by half-steps or octaves. The pulses per quarter note (PPQN) can also be adjusted to increase or decrease the playback speed relative to the host tempo. Ideal for basslines and arpeggios, but can also be routed into an external chord generator

Changelog: v1.25 –
– Added 16 sequence banks for storing patterns
– Copy/paste bank function
– Bank cueing
– Added bank reset pads to GUI

Changelog: v1.16 – Updated to include changes from the Launchpad Mini Mk3 version
– Added Live Record mode. When enabled during host playback, notes and their duration (gate) are recorded to the sequence
– Sequence Shift button renamed to Modify Sequence
– Changed function of the velocity knob – it now sets the default velocity of recorded/programmed steps, as well as notes played on the keyboard
– Added host synced metronome on button B (live record mode only)
– Updated playhead code
– Added code to OnMIDINoteOn section to eliminate unwanted polyphony from chromatic keyboard

AUM Routing –
Mozaic (LPBASS) to MIDI Control, Destination Audio Unit, Launchpad Mini
Launchpad Mini to Mozaic (LPBASS)
Enable ‘Receive MMC’ and ‘Rewind when stopped’ in Transport MIDI Control

IMPORTANT – Filter the destination audio unit in AUM to MIDI channel 2 to avoid stray notes

Quick Start –
Hold a Launchpad keyboard note and press a step to add it to the sequence, or to live record steps, press play, press the live record button and enter notes on the keyboard – the notes and their gate values will be recorded to the sequence

Full instructions in the script description and an instruction pdf showing all controls, button combos and setup/routing is available to download here…

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