Launchkey MK3 Utility

Launchkey MK3 Utility v1.0
Configure color behavior for Launchkey MK3 pads (DRUM MODE ONLY)

▫️ IMPORTANT: route output from this script to the “Launchkey DAW” port. Route the Launchkey output to whatever it is you want to control, not to this script.
▫️ Tap a pad to select it for changing via the knobs.
▫️ On🌈 sets the color when the pad is turned ON. The knob next to it sets whether the pad is always on, pulsing, or flashing when on.
▫️ Off🌈 sets the color when OFF. Zero is off. OFF color is always steady.
▫️ Group: if set to None each pad acts independently. Otherwise, only one pad in the same group will be on at a time.

Color numbers can be found in the Launchkey MK3 reference manual (Found at as of this writing.)

Script idea from Audiobus Forum member @Tatobx 👏👏

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  • Revision: 1.0
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