Laid Back Xylophone Elves

I’m continuing my Audible Instruments challenge, and this is a kind of polyrhythmic piece I call “Laid Back Xylophone Elves”.

– The Segment generators are providing clocks, sequences, LFO’s, attenuators and slew limiter.

– The Texture Synthesizer is providing pure reverb and nothing else. It’s reverb actually sounds rather good.

– The first Resonator is providing the voice with the xylophone like percussion.

– The second Resonator provides the cymbals like sequence.

– The Macro Osciallator 2 provides the bass percussion.

– The Macro Osciallator provides the saw lead, and gets its notes from the Random Sampler.

You might find it hard to get this patch going the right way. The key is to keep trying a single-click on the third button on the first Segment Generator, until the two sequencers run at the right cadence with each other.

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