String-synthesizer that emulates a Koto (Japanese string instrument).

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  • Category: Sound Synthesizer
  • License: public domain
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  • Modified: 3 years ago
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7 comments on “Koto
  • TomIXY on said:

    Love this patch, sounds amazing!

  • julieodeurs on said:

    Thanks for this patch it sounds amazing!
    I’m trying to convert it into a module but I’m having some issues…
    Does anyone want to give it a try?

  • callmesam on said:

    Dear Julie, I assume you’re planing to convert the patch to an Orac module. I fear I won’t be much help there, as I haven’t really used it and never converted a patch (maybe consult the organelle forum, there are some very nice and helpful people there). But if you need help making sense of the patch itself, send me a message with your problem and i’ll try to help as good as i can. BTW. I was planning on making a update of this patch myself, as there are tuning issues in the upper notes (Karplus-Strong-Synthesis is messy)

  • julieodeurs on said:

    Thanks a lot for your answer sam,
    Yes it’s what I mean: convert the patch to an Orac module.
    I keep on trying and get back to you as soon as it works ;-)

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