v. 2.0: Multiprocessing is working! I also added some controls to the sound of the synth.

v. 1.1: Multiprocessing: you can load other cpu heavy synths into orac along with Koto (not always working, see comments below)

v. 1.0: Simple 1-to-1 adaptation of the Organelle patch.
Next: more control via the bandwidth, predelay etc

Direct adaptation of the wonderful Organelle Koto patch for Orac as a module. As expected, a sequenced Koto singing into clds opens the doors of sound heavens.

It is platform agnostic, simply drop the unzipped ‘koto’ folder that contains the files into your Orac ‘usermodules’ folder.

Ps: This is my first module, please let me know if you have any remarks!
Thanks wikipedia for the picture.

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  • Revision: 2.0
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17 comments on “Koto
  • fuzzy_spacebear on said:


    Not sure why but I’m getting a lot of crackle from this patch. Appreciate the effort though as the koto has some great potential :)

  • Lcchy on said:

    Hey fuzzy_spacebear, I am sorry to hear that! I didn’t have any clicks during my testing on a Fates (rPi). I sent you a pm to see if I can figure it out

  • fuzzy_spacebear on said:

    Hey, Just had another look and realised my Orac kit was gained too much from a previous kit. Sorry about that.

    It does appear to be a bit process heavy from what I can see (running OS4.0 on Organelle-M).
    from a blank state with just parallel 3 (S1) mutli-cycle (S2) and koto(A1) my CPU says it’s around 75%.
    However I can add effects and arps and it doesnt seem to push the cpu to create any crackle sounds. All good

  • fuzzy_spacebear on said:


    Found orac overloads and when I add another instrument to either slot B or C with koto (so seems like it’s just a heavy patch, which is fun in limitation

  • Lcchy on said:

    Hi, no problem! that with the volume also happens to me sometimes, I now tune it up using alsamixer beforehand so that I don’t have to do it in pd where it can cause clipping.

    The original (organelle) patch is already a bit cpu heavy, you could try to compare the load with this one to see if there’s a big difference. I did that yesterday evening and found a 10% percent increase in cpu usage, this is probably the Orac context. I am going to look into ways of optimizing the patch, although I don’t know too much about it (pd~ ?)

  • alanca on said:

    Hi! I’m having the same issue described before, that if i load another synth (except analog mono), the sound starts to deteriorate, seemingly because of orac overload.
    by the way, thanks for the module, it`s nice to have koto with at least the chance to use it with sequencer and effects :)

  • Lcchy on said:

    Hello, I did an update of the patch where I moved the synthesis of the stringvoices into a pd subprocess which can then be handled by another processor than the main orac one. This means that you can load all the modules you could normally without worrying about computing power :) However this only works on multi processor devices like the Organelle-M, Rpi (Fates, norns) etc, but sadly not on the original Organelle. Please let me know if there are any issues

  • alanca on said:

    First of all thank a lot for taking the time of adapting such nice patch into an orac module.
    I`m experimenting the same issue as before while having another synth apart from koto in my session. I`m using Organelle M with OS 4.0 and Orac 2.0. The modules i`ve used for testing were this ones: A1-seq3, A2-Koto, B1-seq3, B2-analogstyle (parallel chains).

  • Lcchy on said:

    Hi alanca, I wrote a pm to you to try and find what’s missing :)

  • alanca on said:

    here! 1) Koto, 2) Orac + Koto, 3) Orac + Koto + Analogstyle

    Attachment  koto-alone.jpg

  • Lcchy on said:

    thanks a lot for the screens! This is very intriguing, the cpus don’t seem to be overloaded at all, there would still be a lot of room for more from what I see with this thread:

    Is the noise appearing the most when playing a lot of notes simultaneously ?
    I have been able to get some noise when underpowering my raspberrypi but I’m not sure it’s the same problem.

    If anyone here has some experience with some processing power related clipping and noise in Pd, I would be very happy over some suggestions :p

  • Lcchy on said:

    I posted some questions on the orac thread of the critter&guitari forum to see if someone knows :)

  • AlphaPotato on said:

    Noticed that the Damping and Bandwidth knobs were behaving oddly. Probably an easy fix with the .json file but I added “/ 100” objects to dattorroplate~.pd.

  • Brett Gershon on said:

    Hmmm . . . I get no output from Koto anymore. Used this patch quite some time ago and loved the sound. Just put it on Fates running ORAC, but it gives me no sounds.

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