A Korg MS20 recreation in miRack using block diagrams from the original 1978 service manual.
All of the 31 front panel synth dials are there as Tact controllers..but no patchbay unfortunately.
I am currently considering if the patchbay is possible and if so, a version 2 could follow.
There are 2 extra dials/Tact controllers to the right of the 12KEY that are not found on the original- Reverb and Delay.
MASTER TUNE and Oscillator 2 TUNE dials/Tact controllers have volt displays connected. This is because 5v = zero tuning. 10v = tune up. 0v = tune down.
Message me here if there is anything you’d like to know about this patch, or anything miRack for that matter.. enjoy.

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  • RUncELL on said:

    Update_The patchbay is possible using PATCH MATRIX from MENTAL..But.. the MS20 has something like 15 inputs and 20 outputs, whereas the PATCH MATRIX has only 10 ins and 10 outs.
    This means a hard to choose bunch of patch points (5 ins & 10 outs, almost half) have to be left out, loosing that ms experience..SO..for that reason there will not be a version 2 with a patchbay. SORRy !

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