Koala Sampler Sequencer XY Pad Control

This patch allows you to select sequences in koala sampler using Mozaic’s XY pad controller. the XY pad selects between 8 sequences at a time. knob 4 controls bank selection so you can switch between all 4 of koala’s sequencer banks.

I created this patch because I prefer to hold and drag my finger to switch between sequences in koala rather than having to tap the sequence I want to switch to.

This patch uses Mozaic’s GLOBAL0 global variable so beware of other patches modifying this variable if you are running multiple patches.
In order for the sequence selection to work in Koala sampler you must midi map all the sequence slots. The very first sequence slot should be mapped to midi CC 10. Then sequentially map the rest of the slots following that, i.e. the 2nd sequence slot is CC 11, the 3rd slot is CC 12, etc (counting each bank from L-R on the top row first then the bottom row).

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