kickall – stormy weather

Weather sounds have been done before of course. But here is a minimal patch doing this. Fiddling around with the Befaco module Kickall, to prepare for the build of the hardware DIY kit that I ordered, I came to this uncommon use of it. Plenty extra possibilities for modulations still…


2 comments on “kickall – stormy weather
  • zachwieja on said:

    The frequency modulation using Ochd seems too fast and off.
    Slowing it down makes a big difference.

    But I suggest something more random in place of Ochd.
    Multiple copies of Bogaudio Walk which allows you to limit the scale and offset is nice.
    Also, you can use Vult Caudal which gives different degrees of randomness

  • robb62 on said:

    Thanks for the suggestion.
    It was a quick patch, hence my remark on the modulation possibilities.
    Your suggestion is definitely a good one.

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