KEY to CC v1.0
Send CC values by playing notes. A range of keys to use can be set by octaves. The CC values from 0 to 127 will be spread over this range. Smoothing is available to ramp jumps in values.

Knobs (from left to right)

CHAN: MIDI Channel to listen to for notes. All other channels are passed through.

RANGE: Sets the starting note of the keyboard range. Displays the range of notes.

OCTAVES: Sets the octave range of the notes to use.

RAMP: CC changes will be smoothed over this time period – like turning a knob slower or faster.

CC: The CC # to send.

Tap SHIFT to toggle Help.

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  • Category: Effect Utility
  • Revision: 1.0
  • License: MIT License
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3 comments on “KEY to CC
  • Acoustiman on said:

    Thx for this very handy script. 👍

  • Jay Zen on said:

    Awesome! CC to Note would be supernice! Any plans? Greetz and thanks A TON!

  • Plo on said:

    Thanks for this great little helper! A nice addition would be to add a 2nd Channel for Velocity remapping.
    For example: note numbers go to CC#20, velocity to CC#21.
    I will try …

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