Kawai K4 Control

(For the ‘count on one hand’ number of other Kawai K4/K4r users controlling their synth from their iPad… here you go!)

#v1.3: Changed name to K4 Control. The script now respects save states between sessions. Moziac short name set to ‘K4’. Version of script is displayed when shift is pressed. The patch-select pads play a sample of the selected sound when pressed. (Turn this off by default in onLoad, and toggle on/off by long-pressing any pad). Change the transpose setting for incoming midi using knob 0 when the shift button is pressed.
#v1.2: you can also select the channel by pressing the shift key, then (while holding down the shift key) pressing the appropriate channel number
#v1.1: Added variable in @onLoad to easily update the targeted channel

How To Use:
Twist knob 0 to scroll between the 128 single/multi patches. As the knob moves between the sets (Single A, Single B, etc) you can then select individual patches by name using the pads.

Knob 1 controls patch labels: I’ve typed in many of the most popular sysex banks (Factory, A401, A402, A403, A404, A405, E401, J401, J402, RomCard, and Xtravaganza) but of course you can modify them or add your own. (You can find these sysex files on SynthZone).

If you add another bank of patch labels to the end of the script, you’ll need to update the patchBankCount variable inside the knob 1 code section, and add the new bank to the if/elseif list found in the @updatePatchBank function

I use Sysex Base for uploading sysex banks from my iPad to my K4, and it works well. Of course be sure that internal protect is off in your dump menu, and that RCV PGM = Norm in the Receive menu. (Otherwise you’ll never be able to get back to the single patches once you select a multi patch in Mozaic.)

For convenience I’ve added volume and modwheel CC sends for knobs 2 and 3. Pressing the shift button:
Shows the program version
Sends an All Notes Off message
Updates the pads so they can be used to select the active midi channel
Knob 0 can now be used to set a transpose amount for incoming midi

Have fun!


2 comments on “Kawai K4 Control
  • belldu on said:

    Heart is because i loved my K4r and wish I hadn’t sold it… but I’ve just revived my Roland Jv2080 and was going to write a program changer for that. Hopefully the code for this will give me a head start!

  • tovokas on said:

    Very cool: it should be fairly easy to adapt it to banks of additional synths!

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