Kaossilator Pro Note to CC (Velo, ModW, PitchB)

Added note-velocity and Y-position via ModWheel.

Set Kaossilator scale to ‘Chromatic’, note range to ‘4-Oct’.
This patch works with all instruments (programs).

In this patch ‘Note Off’ must be send manually with ‘PitchBend’; playing realtime will be flawless!
(Try my other patch with auto ‘Note Off’).

When ‘Note On’ is not altered or replaced by ‘CC92’ the Kaossilator accepts more commands. This is why velocity and Y-position can be added without the earlier hiccups and buffer overflow.

CC94 = Program volume
CC92 = ‘0’ (Touch Off) / ‘127’ (Touch On)
CC13 = Y-Position on touchpad (from CC1)
CC12 = X-Position on touchpad (from notes)
Note ‘C8’ = Looper A (Toggle)
Note ‘C#8’ = Looper B (Toggle)
Note ‘D8’ = Looper C (Toggle)
Note ‘D#8’ = Looper D (Toggle)

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