Kaossilator Pro Note to CC (Velo, ModW, NoteOff)

Added note-velocity and Y-position via ModWheel.

Set Kaossilator scale to ‘Chromatic’, note range to ‘4-Oct’.
This patch works with all instruments (programs).

In this patch ‘Note Off’ is send; playing realtime is hard (note cutoff).
(Try my other patch where ‘ Pitchbend’ is used for ‘Note Off’).

When ‘Note On’ is not altered or replaced by ‘CC92’ the Kaossilator accepts more commands. This is why velocity and Y-position can be added without the earlier hiccups and buffer overflow.

CC94 = Program volume
CC92 = ‘0’ (Touch Off) / ‘127’ (Touch On)
CC13 = Y-Position on touchpad (from CC1)
CC12 = X-Position on touchpad (from notes)
Note ‘C8’ = Looper A (Toggle)
Note ‘C#8’ = Looper B (Toggle)
Note ‘D8’ = Looper C (Toggle)
Note ‘D#8’ = Looper D (Toggle)

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